ZEN METAL TECHNOLOGIES – Your partner in production

Welcome to ZEN METAL TECH – a significant partner in your laser cutting needs of sheet and plate metal. We provide quality services, a cost effective outsourcing solution for flat profile CNC laser cutting up to 60 ” x 120 ” in the following thicknesses – Steel 1 ”, Stainless ½ ” and Aluminum 3/8 ”.

As a partner, we are able to pass on to you a number of cost and time saving advantages and help simplify your supply chain efficiency.

Founded in 2015, METAL ZEN TECHNOLOGIES is proud to offer facilities on the cutting edge combined with continued investment in laser cutting and bending technology. We have a strong and continual focus on exceeding expectations, ensuring our customers a highly competitive edge when they partner with us.

Our mission
Put the customer at the heart of our priorities in the transformation of metal sheets;
ensuring a Value-Added Service within the required time.

Our Fundamental Values
Respect & Perseverance

Our line of conduct
to be Diligent & Loyal